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John F. Kennedy, Newark-Liberty, LaGuardia & Stewart Airport Responsive Websites

John F. Kennedy, Newark-Liberty, LaGuardia & Stewart Airport Responsive Websites

This design was used for all the NYC metropolitan airports. The goal of the website is to help air travelers plan their trip to the airport, make it to their flights on time and plan how they spend their time waiting for their flights. This project required mapping out the entire customer journey, identifying their pain points, working with the aviation department to develop technology to address the gaps in our data in an effort to create a seamless experience for the customer. The latest addition to the website is real-time TSA wait times which launched in late January  2019 with the help of 3 outside firms that installed the system at all 4 airports, the Aviation, Technology Department and Customer Experience Team.

During the Ideation of this project, a vision for all the airport websites was created. It is to provide customers with a multi-modal seamless door-to-gate experience that provides the traveler with step by step, time-saving instructions that allow them to experience anxiety-free travel.

Future features Include:

  • Facility upgrades that include interactive kiosks and robots that allow customers to ask questions. The backend systems would include artificial intelligence to allow customers to use chatbots to retrieve answers to questions. Customers will also be able to ask questions through SMS texting as well.
  • Move Website into Adobe Experience Manager to allow the website to determine hidden target audiences, to personalize content for customers based off of location and demographics.
  • Multi-lingual technology.
  • Location, and demographic-based advertising that syncs with digital displays within our airports.
  • Baggage location and customs border line real-time data integration.
  • AirTrain Real-Time arrivals
  • Ability to locate a parked car
  • Indoor way-finding within terminals, parking lots and AirTrain.

Airport Websites:


JFK Airport Homepage

JFK Airport Homepage

Real-Time – TSA Wait Times (Launched January 2019)

TSA Wait Times in Real-Time

Stewart Airport Mobile Layout and Promotional Module (Launched October 2018)

Stewart Airport Promotional Module

Real-Time TSA Times Social Media Campaign C0-Branded Landing Page

Wait Times in Real Time Campaign Landing Page