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MyTerminal Mobile App (Port Authority Bus Terminal)

The MyTerminal App helps customers identify when their bus is leaving and where to find their gates as well as grab a bite to eat. During the last app release, we were able to deliver a highly requested feature we call “Pin Results” to our largest target audience The Commuter by using the Design Thinking Process.

  1. We began by empathizing with the customer by monitoring app feedback on social media, by gathering feedback from the app stores and also through our app feedback form.
  2. This allowed my team to define the business requirements needed to build out this new feature.
  3. After that, my team held brainstorming sessions to determine the best method to develop the new feature. This required research of other apps, researching the iOS DesignKit and the Android Material Design Kits.
  4. During the Prototyping stage, we ran into a problem. It was discovered that the Android and Apple UI kits did not share the same pinning feature. This required us to go back to the Brainstorming phase where we researched other UI kits that we could use.
  5. After prototyping the new feature using the new UI kit from Syncfusion, my team tested the designs with a focus group of commuters and internal stakeholders. Once the designs were finalized we were able to move into development.

By listening to the customers and using Design Thinking we were not only able to save valuable development time, but we were also able to deliver a new feature to our largest customer group that allows them to make smarter commuter decisions faster and that also lessens commuting anxiety.

Currently working on the following new features:

  • The addition of stops for each route. This requires working with all the bus carriers who contract with the Port Authority to improve their data sources. We are in the prototyping stage of the Design Thinking Process.
  • Provide indoor walking directions to help the customer navigate their way within the Bus Terminal. We are in the Define stage of the Design Thinking Process.
  • Add more bus station choices which are The George Washington Bridge Bus Station and Journal Square.  We are in the Define stage of this Design Thinking Process as well as building out the data sources.

RidePATH Logo Development

RidePATH Logo

Schedules with Pin Results Feature
(Pin Results feature launched December 2018)

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